Homestay English Language Courses

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We want to ensure that your group receive the best learning experience we can deliver so we keep our classes to a ratio of 1:12 unless you request something different. Lessons are delivered by qualified TEFL/CELT teachers who are happy to prepare their lesson to meet your learning requirement and can focus them around a particular topic.

We find many students improve their English undertaking everyday tasks so sometimes our classroom moves outside for interactive learning.  

If you are looking for more intensive classroom based learning why not attend our small group programme specifically designed for students with a more focused learning aims and objectives. No more than 4 – 6 students per class giving you ample opportunity to work with your tutor.  

Emersion Course

You will stay with a family for a week or longer. They will provide 1- 2 -1 lessons in the morning and in the afternoon, you will spend time with the family doing typical British things, which will include some excursions.  

There will also be free time for you to plan you own experiences.  If you don’t want to come alone bring a friend, we can offer 2-2-1 or even 4-2-1. 

The choice is always yours.

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